Civil Litigation and Trial

We realize that not every legal concern fits perfectly into any one field of practice. Sometimes, it’s just good to have a trusted legal advisor on hand to answer questions about concerns which arise from day to day life. Should you buy that house without the benefit of legal advice? Can your HOA legally do what it’s doing to you? Should you pay that debt just because someone is demanding money from you? If you didn’t get the product you thought you were getting, what can you do about it? What if someone cashed your check but it wasn’t the person to whom you wrote the check? What if that used car you bought is back in the garage for the third time for the same problem? How do you fill out a Small Claims packet? How do you enter into a partnership agreement? How do I form an LLC? We can answer a myriad of questions arising out of legal rights which do not necessarily fall neatly into one body of law or another. Knowing you have someone you can call on a moment’s notice just to check if your hunch is right can give you the confidence you need to make the right decision for you.