About Katrin M. Cusack

Clients Always Come First

The difference between a good lawyer and a great lawyer is the ability to connect with a client.  The true focus of this practice is the determination of the needs of each client on an individual, case-by-case basis.  What separates this office from other lawyers is the time taken to find out the needs and long-term goals of a client before taking legal actions.  Not all legal options are feasible to all clients.  The important thing is to identify your long-term goal for a case and develop a plan of action best-suited to achieve it.  And, if your needs and long-term goals change, our legal strategy will change as appropriate, too.  Whether you are a hands-on client who wants to be involved in all aspects of a case, or a client who wants to be able to defer to someone else but know the job will be done and done right, we will work with you towards achieving the goals established early on in the case.


About Katrin M. Cusack

Ms. Cusack graduated in the top 5% of her class at U.C. Berkeley, and went on to earn her law degree from Santa Clara University.  She began her practice as a newly minted lawyer in the area of high-tech licensing, helping small start-up companies develop an intellectual property portfolio and conduct day-to-day corporate governance.  At the Millennium, Ms. Cusack shifted gears and became a civil litigation attorney, specializing for nearly a decade in construction defect litigation.

In 2006, Ms. Cusack left the law firm world to open up her solo practice, and is the principal of The Law Offices of Katrin M. Cusack.  She values and emphasizes a personal approach to client representation and is more interested in the long-term results for a client than billable hours.  The emphasis of her practice is to provide a custom-tailored strategy to fit a particular client’s needs, whether in a divorce proceeding or a construction contract dispute.  She is a gritty and tough advocate with over twenty years of high-pressure experience, yet she always maintains a compassionate empathy for her clients.  Her reputation among judges, mediators, and fellow attorneys is one of unwavering reliability, a fierce loyalty to her client’s best interests, and proven dedication to providing sound legal and practical advice.

When not representing clients, Ms. Cusack trains with her dressage horse, Barristo, in preparation for their next competition.