Fees and Billing

We are pleased to offer a variety of flexible ways for clients to remit their payments:

Advance against fees:

An advance against fees is required for all new cases and on an ongoing basis at the Attorney’s discretion.  Advanced fees are deposited into our Attorney-Client Trust Account until Statements have been generated; once a Statement has been finalized and sent required to Client, the entire amount due on the Statement is deducted from the advance in the Trust Account and no direct payment is due from Client.  A periodic accounting of the Client’s balance of funds held in our Attorney-Client Trust Account are provided to the Client, and immediately upon the Client’s request.


Clients are welcome to remit checks for the balance of their Statements.  There is a $50.00 fee assessed on all checks returned for any reason.

Credit Cards:

Clients who have rewards programs on their credit or debit cards may want to get the points earned if paying our Statements with their cards.  Clients have two options when paying by card:

  1. If a credit card number is kept on file in our offices, a handling charge of 3.5% of the Statement to be charged is assessed.  This handling covers the extra steps we need to take to secure your credit card information.  Clients using this option are responsible for updating their credit card information with our offices.
  2. If Client wishes to retain his/her/its own credit card information, we will generate and cause to be sent out PayPal request for payment.  A 3.5% handling rate is charged to cover the extra steps we need to take to generate a PayPal Statement and send it to the Client.

Clients who want to use their cards need to let us know before the Statements go out.


Clients are welcome to use Venmo for Statements up to $4,500.00.  Our Venmo ID is @kmcusack, or www.venmo.com/kmcusack


By Special Arrangement

Clients sometimes need legal assistance which extends beyond their immediate financial means.  In some instances, we will agree to enter into special billing arrangements in order to make it easier for Clients to remit their payments over time.  Special arrangement plans are by discretion on a case-by-case basis only.