Notable Cases and Settlements

Supreme Court of California

Safeco Insurance Company of Illinois v. Architectural Facades Unlimited, Inc., et al.
2006 Cal. LEXIS 3548  (unpublished opinion) – successful in obtaining denial of review of lower court appellate opinion, 134 Cal. App. 4th 1477

California Court of Appeals

Westworth Housing Group, et al. v. Kevin Johnson, et al.; The Buck Center for Research in Aging, Respondent – 2004 Cal. App. Unpub. LEXIS 1000 – successful dismissal of entire appeal

L.E. Wentz Co. v. Superior Court of the County of San Mateo (David Chan, Real Party in Interest) Writ, February, 2003 – First Appellate District Case No. A101115 – successfully obtained filed Statement of Non-Opposition from Plaintiff’s counsel

Trials to Verdict

Westworth, et al. v. Buck Center for Research in Aging, et al., 2002 – assisted in trifurcated, consolidated complex civil litigation construction defects trial to first phase jury verdict; issues including soils movement and geotechnical issues along with complex construction issues involving several developments and several phases over time (related successful appeal, above)

Kevin Beadles, et al. v. Persicon Company, Inc., et al., 2005 – trial to jury verdict defensed all intentional torts claims and obtained jury verdict amounting to 15% of Plaintiffs’ original demand

Haderer v. Modern Manufactured Housing, et al., 2006 – trial to jury verdict and defensed intentional torts and obtained jury verdict less than Plaintiff’s settlement demand

IRMO Grewal, 2018 – trial to bench verdict, with 100% successful prosecution of Wife’s claims and award of attorneys’ fees to be paid by Husband

Significant Settlements

Fischer and Thiel, Inc. v. Blake Hunt Ventures, LLC (Plaintiff’s Mechanic’s Lien); successful prosecution of mechanic’s lien action; San Mateo County, California

Kreiss v. Ligara Farms: (Defense Personal Injury) Successfully defended horse jumping instructor and settled for 5% of Plaintiff’s original demand during pendency of Motion for Summary Judgment on sports injury liability; Santa Clara County, California

Aegis Fire Systems Inc. v. Sugar Bowl Bakery (Mechanic’s Lien); successful prosecution of mechanic’s lien action; Alameda County, California

Aegis Fire Systems Inc. v. Cold Storage (LA Produce) (Mechanic’s Lien); successful prosecution of mechanic’s lien action; San Bernardino County, California

Baz v. Leland Stanford University; successful representation of client whose international competition horse died as a result of negligent attention during trial period prior to sale; Santa Clara County, California

Confidential Settlement (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury – Uninsured Motorist); successful representation of victims of uninsured motorist accident for six figure settlement; Alameda County, California

Confidential Settlement (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury); successful representation of motor vehicle accident victim against negligent motorist for six figure policy limit settlement; Alameda County, California

Confidential Settlement (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury); successful representation of victim of drunk driver for policy limit settlement; Alameda County, California 

Confidential Settlement (Spousal Support); successful representation of client for back spousal support amounting to approximately $50,000.00; San Mateo, California

In RE Dagnino Road (Mechanic’s Lien); successful removal of incomplete, voidable, and unenforceable lien from title on real property; Alameda County, California 

Alanna Andrus v. City of Redwood City (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury); $199,000.00 day-of-trial recovery; San Mateo County, California

Amy Chang Berger, et al. v. Dawson Clinton General Contractors, et al. (Plaintiffs’ Construction Defect/Breach of Contract); $500,000.00+ recovery for clients for abandonment of construction, construction defects, and breach of contract; San Francisco County 

IRMO Santos: (Divorce; Judicial Intervention); division of small community estate on behalf of elderly party with dementia, resulting in request for and grant of Judicial Orders finalizing divorce proceedings; Stanislaus County

Avent Family Medical Corp. v. Dagher M.D. Medical Group (Breach of Contract Prosecution and Defense); successful recovery of confidential sum payable to client and complete dismissal of all claims against Cross-complainant/Cross-defendant client; San Bernardino County 

Confidential Settlement (Plaintiff’s pre-litigation settlement, Partnership Buy-out); $1.3M buy out in favor of client, settlement secured prior to filing of commencement of formal litigation; Contra Costa County

IRMO Rittenhouse: (Divorce); division of $2M+ marital estate; Alameda County

Ruhnke v. Carmichael (Plaintiff’s Personal Injury): T-bone accident resulting in mild TBI, resulting in settlement without formal litigation; $65,000.00; Contra Costa County.

IRMO Grewal  (Petitioner Divorce; trial): division of marital property assets and trial on property award dispute resulting in full award of property plus attorneys’ fees and other sanctions against Respondent; Contra Costa County.

IRMO Shepherd (Petitioner’s Enforcement of prior Divorce Agreement): successful enforcement of real property liquidation by Respondent per terms of prior divorce agreement; Santa Clara County.