We provide legal consultation, advice, and representation on all facets of contract law. We can help you find answers to the most commonly asked contract questions:

  • What rights do I have under the contract?
  • What rights does the other party to the contract have?
  • Is the contract enforceable?
  • Do I have to perform my side of the bargain if the other side does not?
  • What remedies are available under the contract?


We have drafted hundreds of contracts, ranging from hi-tech licensee/licensor agreements to general contractor/sub contractor agreements to real estate documents. We bring to you the benefit of a multi-area field of experience, which provides us with a unique perspective on what should be in your contract and how it should be written. Some contract terms are more critical than others. Knowing you can turn to someone who will provide you with sound, practical insights on where to insist on contract language can save you thousands of dollars if the contract is later contested.



With the benefit of both drafting contracts and litigating them, our background and knowledge will help you understand the meaning of a contract you may have signed. We have interpreted contracts in all areas of law, from business to real estate to construction. Knowing what the law says about a particular term, its likelihood for being enforced, and whether to press forward to litigation or seek alternative routes can help you determine which avenue to explore before you engage in what can be costly litigation.



Contract law is not a field which is well understood by many attorneys, or judges for that matter. If push comes to shove and you find yourself with a legal battle on your hands arising out of a contract dispute, you can turn to us to help you through the legal quagmire of contract law. We have the experience and knowledge which comes from representing both plaintiffs and defendants when it comes to contract provisions.