Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions can be tricky. Real property law is a cross-roads of historical common law with modern-day legislature; it’s a patchwork of different areas of law like agency, contract, professional responsibility, and real property law.

We have answered hundreds of property-related questions, such as:

When you buy a house, what should you ask of the seller?
When selling a house, what do you need to disclose?
What are the duties of a real estate agent?
Is it a good idea for you and the other party to be represented by the same agent?
What kinds of things are legally actionable after a sales transaction? Are home inspectors licensed?
What are riparian rights?
Can you cut down that tree in your yard without repercussions?
Does your neighbor have to pay for a new property line fence?
Is there any recourse for the neighbor’s loud music every Friday night?

We have also handled property disputes between neighbors, interpreted Home Owners Association documents, and provided advice on property inspections, sales transactions, and foreclosures, and helped to clear title to real property prior to sale. We believe our broad breadth of legal experience helps us to better provide practical as well as legal advice to help you navigate the highly complex and complicated area of real estate law.